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2015 Competition
Austin, Texas

Competition Applications

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This year's competition format and applications are slightly modified from previous years.Same: teams will continue to compete for an Overall Winner, described below, and recognition will be given for the highest LINPACK performance. Different: HPCC will not be used this year, conference participation will be included in the overall score, and the use of profiling tools are highly encouraged.

Understanding application performance and its execution on your chosen architecture is a crucial part of the competition this year. To assist you with understanding the applications and your architecture, Allinea is graciously providing all teams with software licenses to use their profiling and debugging tools.

The competition applications are:


Teams are highly encouraged to learn a profiling tool to gain a better understanding of scientific applications and their interactions with HPC hardware. Licenses from Allinea will be provided to all teams for the MAP profiling tool, but teams can use other profiling tools as well.

The Overall SCC Winner will be the team with the highest score when combining their correctly completed workload of the four competition applications, mystery application, best HPL run, application interviews, and HPC interview. The HPC interview will take into consideration the team's participation in the SC15 conference as well as their ability to wow the judges on their competition know-how.

Teams will be required to attend other aspects of the convention beyond the Student Cluster Competition, which will be included in their final score. Further details will be provided before the competition.