Student Cluster Competition        
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2016 Competition
Salt Lake City, Utah


Location and Booth Assignments

This year we are located on Exhibit Floor of the Salt Palace Convention Center. Teams will be in booths located, back to back, in a column in the outside elbow of the Exhibit Floor (see the SCC Booth Layout below). Please use the booth number your team has been assigned for shipping:

    SCC1   — Team MGHPCC
    SCC2   — Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
    SCC3   — Peking University, China
    SCC4   — University of Utah
    SCC5   — National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
    SCC6   — University of Texas, Austin and Texas State University
    SCC7   — Technische Universität München, Germany
    SCC8   — University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    SCC9   — University of Science and Technology of China
    SCC10 — San Diego State University
    SCC11 — Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany
    SCC12 — Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    SCC13 — Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
    SCC14 — Northeastern University and Auburn University

Shipping TO the Convention Center prior to competition

Please work with your vendor partners to ship your cluster to the Salt Palace Convention Center to arrive Thursday, November 10, or Friday, November 11. Teams will have 24-hour access to the convention center after the safety briefing at Saturday, November 14 at 1:00 PM. Please check Schedule for updates and details. Teams must attend the safety briefing before beginning to assemble clusters. No access to booths will be provided before this time.

To make sure shipping goes smoothly, please use these show site labels or clearly specify, with your booth number, on your cluster:

TO: Student Cluster Competition / Booth #SCCx c/o Freeman
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


If you ship to the warehouse, you will have to pay extra because it will also have to be shipped to the show site. Please consider using the warehouse only if you cannot get it shipped there Thursday or Friday and have to ship to arrive earlier. The warehouse shipping labels are here.

If you are shipping your cluster from outside of the U.S., we highly recommend that you contact Freeman Global Transportation / International Logistics to ensure smooth transit of your hardware. They provide an all inclusive shipping and material handling package. Freeman documents: (1) (2).

After you unpack your cluster, empty crates, boxes, skids, etc. that are labeled "empty" will automatically be removed from booths, stored, and returned to booths at the conclusion of the exhibition. "Empty" stickers will be available at the Exhibitor Service Center.

NOTE: Please be sure to bring any tools you will need to assemble your cluster. Although we will have some tools on site, there is no guarantee they are what you need.

Shipping FROM the Convention Center after competition

A Material Handling Agreement (MHA) must be filled out, either on line at Freeman Online or or in person at the Freeman service desk. This is important so we have a count of what is being shipped and where it is going.

Note: When making return travel arrangements, allow sufficient time following the closing of the show at 3:00 PM MT on Thursday. Please don't schedule your return to impact taking care of the return of your equipment. The return of empty crates will start at approximately 4:00 PM MT, and will take several hours to complete. General Lighting and Utility Services, as well as SCinet, will be turned off shortly after 3:00 PM MT on Thursday, and work lights will be turned on. For electrical or telephone beyond 3:00 PM, please be sure to make arrangements in advance. All booths must be dismantled and packed by Noon, Friday, November 20. No exhibitor shall have the right, prior to 3:00 PM MT on Thursday, November 19, to pack or remove any articles or exhibit.

Booth Space

Teams are given a 10' x 10' booth space to showcase their cluster, teams, visualizations, and vendor partnerships. Each booth will have two draped tables (8' table for the front and 6' inside) and 6 chairs. Each booth will also have a 40" LCD monitor with stand and a 2' x 6' sign with your school logo to hang on the back.

There can be no overhanging signs above your booth. Signage in the booth must be tasteful. We reserve the right to ask that anything we find to be not tasteful be removed. If you have questions on what is tasteful, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you work with your vendor partner to allow them opportunity for additional branding/signage/awareness through your participation. They're supporting you so please consider supporting them in return. Examples used in the past are:
Some photo examples are on our SC09 page.

SCC Booth Layout

SCC Floor Map