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2018 Competition
Dallas, Texas

Illinois Institute of Technology
United States

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Final IIT Team for SCC@SC18

Alex Ballmer*, Brendan Batliner*, Anna Benson*, Blake Ehrenbeck*, Zhen Huang*, Parker Joncus*
Mentors: Ioan Raicu*#, William Scullin^, Ben Allen^, Alexandru Iulian Orhean*

*Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL, USA
#Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne IL, USA
^Advanced Leadership Computing Facility, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne IL, USA

Team Description

The team is composed of six IIT undergraduate students (all computer science majors); the final team is composed of five male students and one female student. The team had 3 mentors that met regularly with the students since July 2018: William Scullin from ANL, Ioan Raicu faculty mentor from IIT, and Alexandru Orhean graduate student mentor from IIT. Ben Allen from ANL has also been working closely with William Scullin on the hardware platform for this year's SCC competition. The team also has 1 backup student who has been working with the team from the start, Travis Koehring. The team is pictured below in the IIT machine room where their test hardware is installed.

Chicago Fusion
Chicago Fusion Team for SCC@SC18; starting at the left, Ioan Raicu (IIT mentor), William Scullin (ANL mentor), Brendan Batliner (SCC student), Parker Joncus (SCC student), Anna Benson (SCC student), Blake Ehrenbeck (SCC student), Zhen Huang (SCC student), Travis Koehring (SCC student backup), Alexandru Orhean (IIT mentor), and Alex Ballmer (SCC student)

Chicago Fusion

Chicago Fusion