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2021 Competition

Competition Rules

Violation of any rule may result in a team’s disqualification from the competition or point penalization at the discretion of the SCC committee. Any unethical conduct not otherwise covered in these rules will also be penalized at the discretion of the SCC Committee.

The following violations will result in immediate disqualification:
  • Having anyone other than the 6 registered team members working on the team’s cloud resources during competition hours.

  • Any communication between your cloud resource and a network other than the approved cloud networks.

General Competition Rules

Safety First
All SCC operations are always subject to safety as first consideration. If a task cannot be done safely, then it is unacceptable. When in doubt, ask a SCC committee member or your SCC team liaison.

No Assistance From Non-team Members
Once the competition starts, student teams will not be allowed to receive assistance from anyone, including their advisor.

Stay Under Budget
The Microsoft Azure Cloud budget allowed for the S21 SCC will be given to teams at the start of the competition. Point penalties will be assessed if teams go over this budget.

No External Computational Assistance
All benchmarks and applications workloads must be run on Microsoft Azure Cloud and Oracle Cloud using the budget allotted and the hardware provided. Submitting results or using computational resources during the competition other than the provided Microsoft Azure Cloud and Oracle Cloud resources is not permitted and will result in disqualification.

Teams Must Conduct Themselves Professionally
Teams must conduct themselves professionally and adhere to the SC21 Code of Conduct. Students must compete fairly and ethically.

System Software

Only run on the specified cloud resources. Benchmarks and applications must be run on the specified cloud as follows:

Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Benchmarking
  • Quantum ESPRESSO
  • Mystery Application
Oracle Cloud
  • Cardioid
  • Reproducibility Application
Teams may choose any operating system and software stack that will run the applications and display visualizations to conference attendees.

Teams may study and tune the open-source benchmarks and applications for their platforms. Any changes to application source code must be shared with the SCC committee.

Teams shall not modify or obstruct the data collection of metrics for their cloud systems. Trying to purposefully modify or obstruct the metrics database can result in a full disqualification.

Metrics collection software has been pre-installed and pre-configured on student systems. They should not be disabled or removed.
List includes: InfluxDB, WAA Agent.